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Show My Code is a Free Online Decoder / Decompiler

Zend Guard Decode and get source of php files encoded with Zend Guard. This process also called dezending and the program called dezender (de-zender). So, dezend php files and get the source code!

Java Decompile java CLASS files and save source code in text. Reconstruct the original source code from the compiled binary.

Flash Decompile flash ActionScript from the swf flash file. Use this online flash swf decompiler to get the source code of the swf file.

.NET Decompile .NET application and get it source code. Now you can get close to original source code of C# (c sharp), Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET.), Visual C++ .NET (VC++.NET) and J# (jay-sharp).

QR Code QR-code Reader. Decode a QR Code and get text! It's a two-dimensional bar code. The "QR" is derived from "Quick Response". Most current mobile phones can read this code with their camera. UTF-8 is supported.

For Zend Guard encoded php, JAVA class, Adobe Flash swf, .NET (DotNet) and QR bar codes.

You're curious about its source? Or you lost your source? Or maybe you want to know is your program secure?

Then this is what you need. Just upload your file using a form below and view the source.


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Zend encoded .php | Java .class | Adobe Flash .swf | .NET programs .exe, .dll | QR bar codes

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